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Welcome to the online version of my Exhibition 'Drowning Cities Drowning Landscapes: a climate change crescendo', part of the Shimmer Photographic Biennale  2 September - 2 October 2016 run by the City Of Onkaparinga, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. It was opened by the Hon Mark Butler MP, Shadow Minister of Climate Change and Energy on Sunday 4 September 2016 at Shingleback Winery, McLarenVale.

As an iPhoneographer I have over the past few years experimented with faux alternative photographic processes via my iPhone. I take delight in creating art from the images I capture and manipulate via the various Apps and editing suites at my fingertips.

My nostalgia for authentic physical things comes by way of being present in our environment and to that end I spend many hours each week walking along our unmade reserve roads and tracks and along the gorges in the Willunga Basin and various conservation and national parks. Nature - the seasons, the tides, the calls of the wild – is where some of my innate creative needs get met. More precisely, of capturing pictures of my natural surroundings.

In the past year my concerns with environmental issues have escalated and in sympathy my art too has become more focused on the juxtapositions of the cities and landscapes I have photographed. The growing insanity around blinkered governmental denials over climate change have enraged me and over time I have channelled those thoughts and feelings into the works I submit here. I call them Drowning Cities Drowning Landscapes: a climate change crescendo.

If alternative processes in photography leads us back to the ‘real’ then I would suggest that until we turn back time and turn back the tides of inaction, we have sadly forfeited that luxury. The Real no longer exists.

Enjoy browsing the full collection on the Gallery Page.   

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